Grocery List

Diary & Eggs

Unsweetened vanilla almond milk
Reduced fat shredded, block & sliced cheese
Laughing Cow cheese
Fat free yogurt
Fat free greek yogurt
Fat free sour cream
Egg substitute (Egg Beaters or the store brand)
Light butter spread (Brummel & Brown)
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter or Parkay Spray
Philly 1/3 Less Fat Cooking Crème
Fat free cream cheese
Butter Buds Sprinkles
Parmesan cheese

Meat & Seafood

Boneless skinless chicken breast
Chuck tender steak (Walmart)
Extra lean ground beef
Lean ground turkey
Fat free or light hot dogs
Boneless pork chops
Deli turkey and ham (look for low sodium)
Turkey sausage (Butterball Everyday)
Turkey bacon (Butterball Everyday, Thin & Crispy if you can find it)
Frozen fish filets (Tilapia or Salmon)
Frozen raw shrimp
Frozen scallops


Old fashioned oats
Whole grain cereal (Cheerios or Reduced Sugar Frosted Flakes are good)


Light mayo
Ketchup (look for brands with lower sodium)
Fat free salad dressing
Sugar free syrup (Mrs. Butterworth Sugar Free is the best)
Smucker’s Reduced Sugar Strawberry Spread
Welch’s Reduced Sugar Grape Jelly
Heinz Homestyle fat free jarred gravy
Hot sauce
Kikkoman Preservative Free Teriyaki Sauce


Nature’s Own 40 calorie bread
Merita light wheat hamburger and hot dog buns
Low fat whole wheat flour tortillas (La Banderita Whole wheat Fajita size)
Mission extra thin corn tortillas
Flatout Light Flatbreads

Fresh Fruits & Veggies (Almost any will do as long as you prepare them WITHOUT a lot of butter or oil but I keep these in the house)

Potatoes (as long as they aren’t fried potatoes are actually pretty low in calories)
Mandarin Oranges

Frozen Foods

Skinny Cow (or other “diet” brand) Desserts
Frozen Mixed Veggies
Great Value (Walmart) Steamable Mixed Garden Medley
Green Giant Frozen Veggies with light or no sauce
Diana’s Bananas Chocolate Covered Bananas
Boca Crumbles and Burgers
Frozen Dinners (Individual or Family Sized) under 400 calories per serving
Light/Whole Wheat Waffles


Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta
Pepperidge Farms Baked Naturals Wheat Crisps
100 Calorie bags of microwave popcorn
Ragu Pizza Sauce Homemade Style
Light soups
Canned Veggies (watch the sodium)
Oyster Crackers
No salt added tomato sauce & paste
Bisquick Heart Smart
Reduced Sodium Chicken Broth
Brown Rice
Betty Crocker Instant Mashed Potato Pouches (80 calories per serving)


100 Calorie packs of guacamole
Light Juices (Trop 50 or V8 Diet Splash)

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