09 September 2011

The Friday Report

I started out saying I wouldn’t weigh myself constantly.  That once a month I’d weigh in and take measurements.  Yeah, well…..that ain’t happening.  I’m too impatient to wait a whole month to see my improvements (or failings).  So I’ve decided to stick with the once monthly measurements but every Friday I’ll weigh myself.  Starting today.
Today is a REALLY good day.  When I did the calculations to come up with how many calories I could have per day, I figured that cutting 1500 calories per day would mean an average loss of 3 lbs per week.  Except for one day this week (I misread the nutritional info for a restaurant L), I was actually between 200 – 400 calories under my 1600 calorie goal.  I guess that works for me because not only did I lose the anticipated and hoped for 3 lbs, I lost almost 3.5 more.  That’s right.  In eight days, I lost 6.4 lbs.  That also means that since my annual exam on June 21st, when I hit my all-time highest weight of 390 lbs, I’ve lost a total of 12 lbs.
Can you imagine my happy dance after I stepped off the scale? 
Well, now I know I can do this and I’m nothing but encouraged!!!!

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