11 November 2011

The Friday Report

This morning I cried.

Today when I got on the scale I hit a major milestone.  Today I weigh 339.6 lbs.  That's officially 50 lbs less than I weighed when I started this journey.  I guess knowing that I've come so far was just a bit overwhelming.  I've come such a very long way in the ten weeks since I changed my diet.  I've learned so much and I know that I've made changes that I'll be able to stick with for the rest of my life.

From the beginning I've known that this was something I had to do to get healthy and be the best me that I could possibly be.  I didn't have a choice this time.  It was either lose weight or face the possibly fatal circumstances.  Well I'm doing it and I feel so much better already. 

Now I just had to figure out and maintain an exercise regimen. :\ 

02 November 2011

The Monthly Report

Usually, I look forward to October; my birthday and getting to dress up in some ridiculous costume at Halloween are definite highlights.  This year October was pretty sucky.  Loss and loneliness were common themes. 

There were some high points though, namely my weekly weigh ins.  Every Friday when I got on the scale this month, I saw a smaller number than I saw the week before, so October wasn't a total loss. 

Be sure to check out my new stats on my Weigh In page.