23 December 2011

The Friday Report

Just a quick update.

Last week I let it be known that I was just 2 lbs shy of my year-end weight goal.  You can't imagine how excited I was this morning to step on the scale and see that I lost more than 4 lbs, reaching my goal a whole week early.  That means I've lost 67 lbs total.  Woohoo! 

Day by day, a whole new me is emerging and I like the person that I'm becoming.

17 December 2011

The Friday Report

Anxiety & I-10

Those two terms pretty much summarize my week.

Monday - A trip to the office to review and practice a powerpoint presentation that wasn't ready.  Then it was home to find that none of my suits fit, which posed a major problem since my first interview since being laid off was Tuesday. Then the mad dash to find something to wear that wouldn't cost a fortune.  The good news?  I bought size 20 pants.  I was able to get pants, a blazer and a top for around $50 which was awesome considering my budgetary restrictions.  Oh and of course there was washing clothes and packing at the last minute.

Tuesday - Back to the office to go over the presentation.  Then my interview which was a bit more intense than I thought it would be.  Then home to load up Bertha and I was hitting the road to head home to Mobile.  Considering I didn't sleep well the previous cause I was so anxious about my interview, the 6 hour trip morphed into an almost 8 hour trip cause I was so tired I had to stop and rest along the way.

Wednesday - Up at the crack of dawn to get momma to the hospital by 7 am.  We ended up getting there at 6:30.  Then came the wait.  Momma's surgery was successful but she ended up staying overnight.  12 hours after getting there, I finally left the hospital.

Thursday - Still hadn't seen the final version of the presentation I was supposed to be doing on Friday.  I had to cancel the conference call to practice cause I had to head to the hospital to pick momma up but ended up waiting for over an hour cause they were so slow finishing the discharge paperwork   Finally got a chance to practice Thursday afternoon.

Friday - Up at 4 am to get ready to get back on I-10 to head to Tallahassee.  Then there was practice and the presentation.  Then back on I-10 to head back to Mobile.  14 1/2 hours after I left I made it back home to finally get some rest after a crazy week.

Saturday - Got on the scale and weighed 327 lbs.  That's just 2 lbs away from my end of the year goal.  Woohoo!

11 December 2011

On My Plate - Quick Fix Recipes

I decided it was time to share some of my recipes.  Since this is what I had for breakfast, it gets shared first.

Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

2 slices Nature's Own 40 Calorie Bread
    (I like the Honey Wheat)
1 2% American Cheese Slice
1/4 cup Egg Substitute
1.8 oz Butterball Everyday Turkey Smoked Sausage, diced

The sausage comes in a 14 oz package. Although the suggested portion is 2 oz or 7 servings, I cut each of the sausage links into 4 equal portions which gives me 8 servings at around 1.8 oz each and store it in a food storage bag for easy use.

In a small frying pan, cook the sausage.  After browning set aside.

If you'd like your bread toasted, put it in the toaster while the sausage is cooking.

If you need to, rinse the frying pan, then spray with no calorie cooking spray.  Cooking over medium heat, add the eggs and the cheese to the frying pan, stirring constantly.  It will only take a few minutes to cook.  Typically by the time the cheese melts your eggs are done.  Just before the eggs are done, add in the cooked sausage. 

Add the eggs to the toast and you have breakfast.  If you'd like, add a piece of fruit or some yogurt to round out the meal.  I had a glass of V8 Diet Splash at only 10 calories per 8 oz serving.

You can use fat free cheese if you choose, but personally I don't like the taste and am willing to add the extra calories.

Using Great Value cheese slices cause I'm cheap (50 cal vs. Kraft 2% at 45 cal), I just had an awesome breakfast sandwich, made in less than 10 minutes for 250 calories.  If you can find Butterball Everyday Thin and Crispy Bacon (I've been searching unsuccessfully), you can substitute 4 slices of bacon for the sausage and have a great bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for only 220 calories.

09 December 2011

The Friday Report

I seem to be in a holding pattern.

For the last two weeks (since Thanksgiving), my weight has been about the same.  No major losses but hey, no major gains either.  

From the start, exercise has been the hardest part of this battle for me.  I haven't been doing much but I've missed my Sunday workout for the last few weeks.  I guess even a little bit makes a big difference.  I'll be back on it this Sunday though.  Hopefully, the last few weeks off haven't set me back too far. 

I don't know what it going to take to find an exercise regimen that I can be enthusiastic about and stick with but I know that when my exercise mojo does kick in, I'll be unstoppable.

04 December 2011

The Monthly Report

A little more than 5 months ago, I got on the scale at my doctor's office and saw a number that I'd never seen before.  A number that terrified me.  It was truly a wake up call.  Over the next few weeks, I worked to come up with an application and video that might catch the eye of the casting staff of the Biggest Loser. 

I started researching healthy eating habits and cleaned out the fridge and the pantry because I'd decided that Biggest Loser or not come September 1st, I was making some major changes in my life.  I guess I just wasn't meant for national stardom cause I never did get that call from Biggest Loser.   They truly don't know what they missed out on.  :)

Well 3 months later, not only has my body changed but my attitude about food and how I look at it has too.  I'm not saying I don't miss some of my favorites.  I do still crave chicken wings and chicken fried rice from Hop Shing and the lunch buffet at El Potro, but I know that right now they just don't fit into my life.  

I have had fun making over the things that I love to eat.  All those years of collecting cookbooks and reading recipe after recipe have come in handy while coming up with my own healthier versions of recipes.

I'm still not an exercise fanatic.  Maybe one day.

Be sure to check out my Weigh In page to see the progress I've made so far.