21 January 2012

The Friday Report

After last week's gain, I was bound and determined to have a good week. I'm continuing to do really well with my nutrition but getting moving and active has been my challenge.

Friday I spent some quality time with the Wii. (Just Dance 3 has definitely become my favorite game.)

Saturday I went bowling with some friends.

Sunday I worked out with my other Fit Chicks and did a bit more Just Dancing.

Monday through Wednesday were a complete wash cause a cold decided to sideline me.

Thursday was a repeat of Sunday although not quite as intense since I was still trying to shake my cold.
And that leads us to Friday. Yesterday morning I stepped on the scale, then stepped off and did a happy dance. 8 lbs. I actually lost 8 lbs last week. Yes, some of it was probably water weight from the high sodium and low water of the previous week but who cares. I lost 8 freaking lbs. Woohoo!!!!
I am anxiously awaiting accepting my bribe of a pedicure when I say goodbye to the 300s by Valentine's Day. I'm only 9.3 lbs away (I weighed in at 309.2). I'm already anticipating sinking into the massage chair at the nail salon. That pedicure will be mine!


  1. Great Job....I bought a HRM this weekend at Target,,,easy, basic...reasonable price and Girl when you see those calories burned tick away on that watch...you just keep moving. It is accurate and you will LOVE IT...Keep up that fantastic work. I am making your tostadas this week..thanks for sharing. Sandy

    1. I'm definitely loving my HRM. Thanks for the support.