11 December 2011

On My Plate - Quick Fix Recipes

I decided it was time to share some of my recipes.  Since this is what I had for breakfast, it gets shared first.

Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

2 slices Nature's Own 40 Calorie Bread
    (I like the Honey Wheat)
1 2% American Cheese Slice
1/4 cup Egg Substitute
1.8 oz Butterball Everyday Turkey Smoked Sausage, diced

The sausage comes in a 14 oz package. Although the suggested portion is 2 oz or 7 servings, I cut each of the sausage links into 4 equal portions which gives me 8 servings at around 1.8 oz each and store it in a food storage bag for easy use.

In a small frying pan, cook the sausage.  After browning set aside.

If you'd like your bread toasted, put it in the toaster while the sausage is cooking.

If you need to, rinse the frying pan, then spray with no calorie cooking spray.  Cooking over medium heat, add the eggs and the cheese to the frying pan, stirring constantly.  It will only take a few minutes to cook.  Typically by the time the cheese melts your eggs are done.  Just before the eggs are done, add in the cooked sausage. 

Add the eggs to the toast and you have breakfast.  If you'd like, add a piece of fruit or some yogurt to round out the meal.  I had a glass of V8 Diet Splash at only 10 calories per 8 oz serving.

You can use fat free cheese if you choose, but personally I don't like the taste and am willing to add the extra calories.

Using Great Value cheese slices cause I'm cheap (50 cal vs. Kraft 2% at 45 cal), I just had an awesome breakfast sandwich, made in less than 10 minutes for 250 calories.  If you can find Butterball Everyday Thin and Crispy Bacon (I've been searching unsuccessfully), you can substitute 4 slices of bacon for the sausage and have a great bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for only 220 calories.

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  1. Nicely done as I just scarfed down a Jimmy Dean Delite sandwich. Yours sounds so much better!