09 December 2011

The Friday Report

I seem to be in a holding pattern.

For the last two weeks (since Thanksgiving), my weight has been about the same.  No major losses but hey, no major gains either.  

From the start, exercise has been the hardest part of this battle for me.  I haven't been doing much but I've missed my Sunday workout for the last few weeks.  I guess even a little bit makes a big difference.  I'll be back on it this Sunday though.  Hopefully, the last few weeks off haven't set me back too far. 

I don't know what it going to take to find an exercise regimen that I can be enthusiastic about and stick with but I know that when my exercise mojo does kick in, I'll be unstoppable.


  1. Congratulations Tamera your looking great. I know how hard it is to stay focus especially this time of year. I have also struggled with weight issues so I wanted to let you know I have been watching how well your doing. Keep positive keep going YOU can make your dreams comes true.

    Oh by the way if no one has told you? You look beautiful HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS

  2. So excited for you!
    Why don't you meet me at Curves on Roosevelt one morning at 7am? ;) Let me know if you are interested and I will see about a free trial workout! Just 30 minutes for a full workout and I usually burn 350-400+ cals.