17 December 2011

The Friday Report

Anxiety & I-10

Those two terms pretty much summarize my week.

Monday - A trip to the office to review and practice a powerpoint presentation that wasn't ready.  Then it was home to find that none of my suits fit, which posed a major problem since my first interview since being laid off was Tuesday. Then the mad dash to find something to wear that wouldn't cost a fortune.  The good news?  I bought size 20 pants.  I was able to get pants, a blazer and a top for around $50 which was awesome considering my budgetary restrictions.  Oh and of course there was washing clothes and packing at the last minute.

Tuesday - Back to the office to go over the presentation.  Then my interview which was a bit more intense than I thought it would be.  Then home to load up Bertha and I was hitting the road to head home to Mobile.  Considering I didn't sleep well the previous cause I was so anxious about my interview, the 6 hour trip morphed into an almost 8 hour trip cause I was so tired I had to stop and rest along the way.

Wednesday - Up at the crack of dawn to get momma to the hospital by 7 am.  We ended up getting there at 6:30.  Then came the wait.  Momma's surgery was successful but she ended up staying overnight.  12 hours after getting there, I finally left the hospital.

Thursday - Still hadn't seen the final version of the presentation I was supposed to be doing on Friday.  I had to cancel the conference call to practice cause I had to head to the hospital to pick momma up but ended up waiting for over an hour cause they were so slow finishing the discharge paperwork   Finally got a chance to practice Thursday afternoon.

Friday - Up at 4 am to get ready to get back on I-10 to head to Tallahassee.  Then there was practice and the presentation.  Then back on I-10 to head back to Mobile.  14 1/2 hours after I left I made it back home to finally get some rest after a crazy week.

Saturday - Got on the scale and weighed 327 lbs.  That's just 2 lbs away from my end of the year goal.  Woohoo!

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