11 November 2012

The Monthly Report

I don't know what's up with me lately.  I'm tired all the time.  I'm not exercising like I should.  I'm constantly hungry.  And I'm allowing myself way too many indulgences when it comes to food.  

As you can see from my stats, not a lot has changed since I hit my anniversary back at the beginning of September.  My weekly weigh in graph is doing some serious seesawing.  

Maybe it's being constantly told I don't need to lose any more weight.  Maybe it's that I've actually reached my size goal that I set for myself when I started (I said I'd be satisfied if I got to a size 12 or 14). I really don't know.  I do know that I'm just a few pounds away from being able to say I'm just overweight and not obese.  Will that be my stopping point? Is it time to stop focusing on losing and really start working on toning and maintaining?  I'm really not sure.


  1. You are super inspiring. There is something to be said for being able to maintain such a big weight loss, even if you aren't currently still losing. You are doing great! I hope you won't beat yourself up too much.

    I had a sense of loss when I reached my first weight loss goal. I was happy, but I wasn't really sure where to go from there and I lost momentum. Eventually, I decided to focus on how eating healthy and working out made me feel (good!) and was able to get back on the wagon.

  2. I was going through the exact same thing! everyone telling me that I've lost all the weight I need to, in fact I have ten more pounds to lose before I arrive at my personal goal.

    I was binge eating and up and down on the scales likea yo-yo. I am a christian so I have prayed with a friend of mine in agreement that this will end and I believe it has; today is the first day that I haven't craved chocolate, or something sweet and I;ve actually eaten enough to lose weight! Thanks for your entry because it reminds me of what I was going through which has given me the objectivity to remind myself to simply keep going. Thanks again- btw, you look fantastic

  3. I'm just catching up on reading blogs I follow. How are things going for you now in the new year?