14 October 2012

The Mid Month Report

I've been seriously slacking, in a couple of ways, lately.

As evidenced by the title of today's blog, it's already the middle of the month and I'm just updating.  Yes, I've been busy but that's no excuse.  I need to get back to at least weekly post. 

Another way I've been slacking??? I've allowed myself a few too many splurge days and it's obviously working against me if the 2.2 lb loss for the month of September is any evidence.  Yes, I've accomplished a lot and I have less to loss so it will come off slower but that's not good.  I'm not quite at goal, so I really need to tighten up.

By the way, if you look at my weigh in for the month, you may notice some pretty drastic changes. I really doubt I've lost 15 inches but I recently invested in a wrap n stay measuring tape, so I probably got a more accurate reading than I had previously.

Before I go, I'll share a few NSVs.

My office is going business casual starting tomorrow.  Instead of having to invest in a whole new work wardrobe, I was able to acquire a new to me wardrobe (12s & 14s) from my bestie who's also lost a bunch of weight.  I love hand me downs!

My birthday was last weekend and I was able to share it with friends on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Friday was dinner at Seasons 52, so even though I splurged on the awesome cake my coworker made for me; I, along with everyone dining with me, was able to make healthy dinner choices.  

If you check out this month's pic, you'll see that I got pretty dolled up for my birthday.  After dinner, we went to catch a band that I like and had to walk about a couple of blocks downtown from our parking spot. First let me share that walking two full city blocks each way in 5" heels was definitely felt in my calves the next day.  But the NSV?? As we're walking to the venue, we go by another club and....entire group of men standing outside stopped talking to watch me walk by.  Granted I was 6'5" in my heels and they'd probably never seen a real live amazon, but that's never happened to me before.  

There are only a few weeks till my next monthly weigh in and I have the challenge of a weekend at my granny's to get through but hopefully I can do better in October than I did in September.


  1. You look Stunning....You are going to be so glad you have all these milestone pics when you reach goal...and for the days you feel down...just look at your pics..I do and I get right back at it....thanks for sharing! Happy belated Birthday!!! :>)


  2. I'm so proud of and happy for you...., it's beyond words. You look so great. I've go to see you in person !!
    You are doing a great job. As a fitness instructor, YOU'VE INSPIRED ME !
    Call me when you read this...

    David Demery
    504 2179
    Vaya con dios