06 September 2012

The Anniversary Report

It’s taken me a little longer than usual to post my monthly report but this month I got to spend the holiday weekend with my family and I enjoyed every minute of it, so my post had to wait a few days.

On September 1, 2011, I saved my own life.  I’d already made the decision to make changes that would lead to a healthier, longer life but on that Thursday last year I took the first steps on my journey.  On that day I stepped on the scale and weighed 384.4 lbs.  That will be the last time that I ever see a number that big. 

On that day in September, I did something simple, I started counting calories.  I was downright militant when it came to logging everything.  Everything that went into my mouth was logged.  To make sure that I knew exactly what those calories were, I weighed and measured anything that I made myself (and still do today) and didn’t go to any restaurant that didn’t have their nutritional information available. 

I quickly learned that we as Americans have no real sense of what a single serving is.  I learned that smaller portions can be satisfying.  I learned not to eat just for the sake of eating.  I learned that it really isn’t that hard to eat better if you just pay attention.  I know I’m oversimplifying but for me there really was no secret formula.  It really was a better diet and exercise.  I hate not being able to divulge some big secret when people ask how I’ve been successful in my weight loss. 

On September 1, 2012, I stepped on the scale and weighed 231.2 lbs.  In one year, I’ve lost 153.2 lbs.  I’m down 158.8 from my high weight of 390 back in June of 2011.  I haven’t gotten on the scale since getting home from my brothers’ house so that number may be a bit higher but I don’t indulge like I did over the weekend very often so I know I will see that number again.  I still don’t know what my goal weight is but I do have a size goal.  This weekend, I bought a pair of size 12 khakis from Eddie Bauer.  When I can do that in any store, maybe I’ll switch to maintenance calories. 

I’ve always taken the BMI weight ranges with a grain of salt.  I’m a 6’ tall woman with a large frame.  At 390 lbs, I wore a size 26.  At 231, I’m wearing 12s.  I’ve never looked like I weigh as much as I do (a good and a bad thing).  According to the BMI ranges, the highest weight that I can be and be healthy is 184 lbs.  So in order to just barely be healthy, I would need to lose 50 more lbs.  To me that seems unreasonable.  I think I may just be happy with being overweight which is just 10 lbs away.

Recently, a lot of people have told me that I don’t need to lose anymore weight; that I look good the way I am.  I truly appreciate the sentiment and I know it’s probably more psychological than anything else but I think I have a ways to go.  Maybe not, cause nobody knows what I look like naked but me.  I’m not expecting a six pack but I would like to get to the point that everything doesn’t jiggle (I have a LOT of toning to do).  I’m a lot closer today than I ever have been and one day soon I’ll get there.


  1. Danielle aka PixiesX3September 6, 2012 at 11:08 PM

    I am so incredibly proud of you! I know what this year has meant to you and I'm excited to be following close behind you in my journey!

    Tamara, you are an inspiration. And you are absolutely right! There is no big secret. Well maybe there is... the secret is inside of each of us. And when we are ready to do something, we set our mind to it and off we go! We stumble, get up, move on. We don't give in or give up. The mistakes we make today do not have to color tomorrow. And there lies the secret. Having faith has helped me, too. I know that I never would've had the ability to stick with this new lifestyle without God's divine hand in my life.

    GREAT WORK and what a way to be a lifesaver! <3

  2. Fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing with others. I believe to continue on my journey I have to give back what I've been given, ie support from others.

    I too have posted a website at: http://wechoosenow.com Please feel free to drop by!


  3. You look great keep of the good work.

  4. Happy Anniversary, Tamara! I just saw a friend on MFP replied to your post and I'm so glad to have found your blog. I also started my journey on 9/1/11 and celebrated 12 months last weekend. And like you, I also have about 50 lbs more to lose to be in the middle of the healthy range but know from experience I'll look and feel just fine when I lose about half of that. We also started at and are currently wearing the same size pants - I'm just 9 inches shorter than you are. Oh, and my given name is "Tammie" but I have seriously considered changing it to "Tamara" because I like the way it sounds, LOL:). So many similiarities - thank you for sharing your story and giving me another bit of inspiration to share my own. <3

  5. So happy for you and look at your post as great inspiration to continue on thru today and each day and not let yesterday's mistakes determine my future. Keep Posting...miss the food/pic recipes...just saying!


  6. Wow...look at you...CONGRATS...you are looking and doing great. We must get together soon...talk strenght building. lots of love for ya...
    David D..
    504 2179