01 August 2012

The Monthly Report

In one month's time, I'll be celebrating the one year anniversary of the day I started living a healthy(er) life; the day I began working on the new me.  I may just be getting the hang of this.  

I celebrated a major milestone this week.  With my weigh in on Monday (238.8), I said goodbye to the 240s and crossed over the 150 lbs lost mark.  I've said this before.  I can't believe the progress I've made and this is my life.

I want to share a few of NSVs ( Non Scale Victories) from the last couple of weeks. 

1) Today, I bought a size LARGE tshirt.  Walmart has these inexpensive tees that I love cause the sleeves are short and I don't have to worry about them fitting my batwings.  I've noticed that the shirts that I have were a bit roomy through the middle (see this month's pic), so today when I ran by Wally World, I decided to try on a large for kicks and giggles and it fit.  I tried on a large dress that was on the clearance rack too.  It fit but when it comes to dresses other things come into play when it's time to make a purchase decision.  Namely the fact that I'm 6' tall and unless I wanted to show the world my business every time I took a breath, the large just wasn't going to work.

2) Yesterday at work we had a potluck/surprise baby shower.  Yes, I overate but I went prepared with my measuring cups and I made conscious decisions about everything that I ate.  My lunch was a whole lot of calories and like I said, I measured my food.  I don't even want to imagine what everybody else ate.  It helps that while preparing for the event, I took the stairs several times between the first and second floors.  It was almost instinctive to walk toward the staircase instead of the elevators.  My weigh in for today is actually 1 lb up from Monday but I think that's solely because of water retention from my sodium intake yesterday.

3) Monday, I was laying on my bed and realized I could feel my hip bones.  Do you know how many layers I had to get rid of to be able to do that?

4) Sunday, I went to see a movie and had to run to the restroom.  As I walked past the mirrors, placed directly under some of the brightest, most unforgiving, fluorescent lights ever, I actually had a little moment of vanity.  I noticed just how thin my face has gotten.  Now I'm not saying I haven't noticed before but under all that bright light, I think I really saw the new me for the first time.

5) Last weekend, while I supposed to be helping my friend Terri clean out her closet, I ended up scavenging a bit and walked away with some new to me shorts and capris, IN A SIZE 12!  I actually wore the capris to work today (again, see this month's pic, ignore the cell phone in my pocket).  When I first started losing weight, I'd set a size goal rather than a weight goal for myself.  I said if I could eventually get down to a size 12, I'd be satisfied.  Now, I know right now I'm not going to be able to walk into every store and buy a size 12 but I'm almost there.  When I get there, we'll see if that's where I decide to stay.

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  1. ABSOLUTELY TRUE INSPIRATION!!!! I look so forward to your updates...I tell my friend about you all the time. So happy for you and everything you have been able to accomplish naturally...just good hard work and dedication!

    Your Friend,