16 March 2012

The Friday Report

On September 1st, I became a new person.  I became a person that cared about herself enough to try to be healthy.  I become a person with the will to achieve healthy.  I became a person who took responsibility and control when it came to my own health and nutrition.

When I stepped on the scale September 1st, I weighed 384.4.  Not my highest weight but I'd lost 5.6 lbs since the end of June without putting any real effort into it.  Today, 28 weeks and a day later, I stepped on the scale for my official weekly weigh in.   284.4.  Exactly 100 lbs in 197 days.  That averages out to just about 1/2 a pound a day.

I know pride isnt's always a good thing but today I'm ok with saying I'm proud of myself.  It's been challenging.  There have been sacrifices.  It's required a lot of determination and will power where before I just didn't have it. But the reward is I'm well on my way to being a much healthier person.


  1. Tamara, you are amazing! I know that this journey is not always easy but you are rockin' it! Thanks for continuingto be an inspiration to me on my journey.

  2. You have every reason to be proud...you have worked very hard and have yourself to thank for all your success...this is one thing no one can do for us! Stay Proud!