21 May 2012

A Fit Chick & A Chihuahua

It's amazing what stress can do.  Last week I started a new job. Between stressing about learning to do something totally and completely new and trying to figure out how to make my last unemployment check stretch until I get my first "employment" check, my brain and I guess my body were on overload.  I actually managed to lose over 8 lbs last week.  Craziness!!!  With this loss, I now weigh 261 lbs.  Just one little lb away from having lost a 1/3 of my original body weight.

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my friend Kristin about how much weight I'd lost.  At the time I was right around 119 down.  I jokingly told her, "I've almost lost you" and an idea was formed, a twist on the then and now pic.  I decided we needed to take pictures when my loss equaled her weight.  With the crazy stressing last week, I kinda shot past the mark and we had to call in a stunt dog, ie. Beuno (thanks Deb).

Holding them up for the few minutes it took to take pictures was a bit of a strain (no offense Kristin but Bueno just pushed it over the top).  It's hard to imagine that I used to walk around everyday carrying that much weight.


  1. What a fantastic mental and visual idea! You are amazing in all that you have accomplished. I truly enjoy your blog it is crative and fun! Congrats on the great weight loss. :>)


  2. Awesome idea! I love the visual. :) I'm carrying around a 185 pound dude everyday....what motivation to lose! Great progress!

  3. Very creative picture idea. Your story and blog are truly inspirational!